Tax clearance certificate

The most important document to have in Business. Our clients come to us in a very emotional state, they either owe SARS money and/or they are not compliant with SARS, hence the reason for not having a tax clearance certificate. They cannot get paid by their clients, because they don’t have a tax clearance certificate. Because they don’t have a tax clearance certificate, they cannot get new business and/or new tenders. We can help you contact 076 794 6839.


Many of our clients come to us, after they’ve had a judgement from SARS. They cannot operate fully because of the Sars judgement, and cannot finance anything. Tax clearance certificate solutions has helped companies remove the judgement from SARS. And become fully compliant. Phone us before a Sars judgement is issued 076 794 6839.

Vat Debt

Are you having sleepless nights because of your tax debt? Worried about SARS ability to close your business, because of your SARS tax debt. We have helped companies to wipe out, reduce and settle their tax debt. This state of mind influences everything, your ability to run your business. It ever has an impact on your social life. Let us worry about your Sars debt. Phone now 076 794 6839.


At the end of the month you have a choice to pay vat or salaries. We understand your situation, you need to keep your doors open for future income, with the hope that next month you would be able to recover the outstanding vat, but that seldom happens. We can help you with your vat problem. We have handled Sars vat audits on behalf many of our clients. Sars has budgets and target, just like you and me. We understand how Sars think and operate. For urgent help contact us. 076 794 6839.


When to liquidate



  • No client arrested.
  • 100% success rate.
  • No clients assets lost.
  • No client business closed.
  • Clients to full compliance.
  • Clients judgement removed.
  • Clients saved millions.
  • Protecting clients rights.
  • Deplete clients fear.
  • Satisfied clients greed.
  • Obtain clients tax clearance certificate.
  • Manage clients tax debt.

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